Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Great Khali accepts the challenge of Pakistani wrestler

Great Indian Khali has been challenged for fight by Pakistani wrestler Bashir Bhola.
Bashir bhola bhala is a real tough man and have the guts and even strength to knock down other wrestlers."I want to fight Khali anywhere he wants. I am ready to go to America or England and even India if he is ready to fight me. This is my challenge to him," said Bashir.

Khali promptly accepted the challenge and said he had no problem having a fight with pakistani wrestler."I would first advise the Pakistani wrestler to go and first fight my brothers in India and then think about me But if he is so keen he can come anytime and fight me in the states or anywhere in the world," said Khali.

however it is unknown at this time whether it will be a wrestling match or an actual shoot fight. Just keep your fingers cross as its going to be tough match. Hope the best man wins.

The Great Khali vs Kane (REMATCH)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Great Khali Visit to India Pics

WWE star Khali Now In Bollywood

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